Monday, April 12, 2010

Disney's World of Color Photo Album

Update - September 2009
We went to California Adventure yesterday. Some of the rides and restaurants were closed down or missing. While construction is still underway most of the rides are open. Remember that during the winter hours California adventure is only open from 10 a.m-6 p.m. week days so if you want to go on any rides get there when it opens. The new 12 acre "Cars Land" has broken ground where the the last bit of parking lot use to be on the south east corner by the entrance, but it won't be completed until 2012.

Update - May 2009

Here you can see that the ferris wheel has been updated with Micky. The cars have also been painted and it is opperational again. The lake in the fore ground is undergoing a transformation to add the fountains and special effects for the new show.

The next picture shows the construction screen
announcing "Disney's World of Color" coming in 2010. This reminds me of the Dancing Water's show they had over at the Disneyland Hotel back in the 80's only should be 1000 times greater.

One last shot of the construction showing the layers. In the fore ground you can see a little robot like vehicle used for construction, I thought that was cool. I wonder how this will all come together. It looks like they are spending a 100 million dollars to build this. But actually its 1 Billion, with a b.

What's missing from this picture, besides the water in the lake? The cars on the Ferris wheel. Taken in March 2009 this picture show how California Adventure is under construction to prepare for "Disney's World of Color" coming in 2010. Like Fantasmic for California Adventure this nighttime show will feature dancing water, lights and popular Disney characters.

The sign next to this display reads.
"The year 2010 will mark the debut of Disney's World of Color, an innovative nighttime spectacular presented on Paradise Bay. This thrilling production will lead audiences on an imaginative journey filled with soaring music, dazzling color, magnificent fountains, exciting animation and stunning special effects."