Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Disneyland Family Vacation Planning Tips

Here are some tips and tricks for planning your family vacation at Disneyland. Planning ahead will help you save time and have an enjoyable family vacation.

1. Prepare and pack the car the night before. Have water and food, jackets and everything ready. Be prepared for the heat and to be on your feet all day. Look at a map of Disneyland the day before at Anaheim Visitors Guide to plan what attractions you want to visit first. Planning to go on rides in a counter clock wise circular path will help you save time.

2. Get to the park early as parking may take 30-40 minutes in the late morning to park. Bring $14 cash for parking or Visa credit card. Arriving early will help you get through the gate early. If your traveling with kids plan extra time to get the stroller aboard the front or back of the tram.

3.Buy your tickets online before and not at the ticket booth at the gate. This will save you one hour of standing in line at the ticket booth.

4. Bring some food and water into the park with you. This will help you save time and money. This is best transported in a stroller. Remember you will have to pass the security check point so no hard coolers, glass or objects that would cause a problem. You can rent lockers on the west side (the side near Downtown Disney) before the security check point. You can also rent lockers inside before you go in Disneyland or California Adventure.

5. Plan to get FastPasses for the 3 most popular rides first. If you get there early enough you can get on a couple popular rides before the lines get long. Rides that offer FastPasses are the most popular and have the longest lines. See our post on FastPass Tips.

6. If you are staying for several days and have a Hopper Pass you may want to go over to California Adventure during the busy times at Disneyland. If your riding Grizzly Rapids and Splash mountain give yourself daylight hours to dry off, or Remember to bring a poncho.

7. Look online for schedules show times the day before. Fantasmic and other shows may only be playing on weekends. Some shows at California Adventure may also have long lines so prepared to get there early. If you have seen a show on a previous day this is a good time to get in line for a popular ride such as Indiana Jones.

8. Check the schedule of where your favorite Disney characters will be so you can plan on being in the right spot for that Kodak moment. Upon entering the park you can request the current schedule for that day along with a map.

9. If you have the option to get early entry with your hotel package you may want to take advantage of that. Mostly planning ahead and being prepared will help you have a great day.

10. Most of all relax on your vacation. Your there to have fun and enjoy your time with your family and friends.