Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Top 10 Kid Friendly Attractions at Disneyland

Here is our list of the top 10 attractions in both Disneyland and California Adventure that are kid friendly. (see our list of NOT kid friendly attractions at the bottom)

1. Fantasyland - pretty much all of the rides in Fatasyland are kid friendly. Snow White can be a bit scary at times during the ride. Dumbo and Peter Pan are the most popular. The castle has been re-done to add more special affects.

2. Tiki Room - Kids love anything with music. Young kids think the bird are real and that it's really raining.

3. Aladdin Show - In the Hyperion Theater in CA the Aladin show is very funny and kid friendly

4. Crush the Turtle - Located in the Animation building in the Hollywood section of California Adventure, kids love interacting with Crush the Turtle in real time. This is always funny and fun for kids and adults too.

5. Small World - Since it has been updated it's a lot of fun to see in you can find the new characters in each section.

6. Toy Story Mania - this is easy for kids of all ages to play. The line is usually 45 minutes or more so be prepared to wait.

7. Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster - its fun but it's hard for younger kids to hit the targets with the laser to gain points. Never the less it's just a great ride.

8. Autopia - kids love to drive. They may not be able to reach the peddle but they can steer.

9. Nemo's Submarine Voyage - this is the new submarine ride with very cool special effects inside and outside the sub.

10. Monsters Inc. - this ride is fun for all ages. Takes you on a taxi ride through Monstropolis. At the end Roz ask questions of a personal nature, which an interactive element.

Young children usually find the following attractions a bit scary. Our recommendation is that if you want your child to enjoy the day don't start off with one these attractions, build them up to it or go on them last. If you take them on an easy roller coaster such as Chip and Dale, then Thunder Mountain, then they may be ready for Space Mountain or the Matterhorn later in the day.

Young kids usually 6 and under may NOT like these rides as they have scary elements.
Indiana Jones - fire and snakes
Haunted Mansion - ghosts
Space Mountain - flashing lights and darkness
Splash Mountain - big drop
Matterhorn - abominable snowmen
Pirates of the Caribbean - dark drops and scary skeletons ( I have seen young kids hold on to the corral chains at the entrance Screaming No No No! while parents try to pull them onto the ride.)