Thursday, July 2, 2009

10 Hands-on Activities Kids Will Love

Here is a list of some of the favorite activities kids love to do at Disneyland.

1. Disney's Animation Academy: Located in California Adventure you and your kids can learn to draw Disney Characters in a studios setting. This is something they can do over and over with a different character each time. Younger kids (6 and under) may have a harder time keeping up.

2. Jedi Training Academy: Kids are trained as Jedi. Very popular you may need to arrive early to be apart of the show.

3. Canoes: during the summer the canoes around Tom Sawyer Island are open. This takes about 15 minutes to paddle around the lake. Kids 5 and under will wear a life jacket.

4. Innoventions: There are lots of hands on activities (computer games) that kids can play for free.

5. Celebrate A Street Party: During this parade kids are invited to be apart of the action. Kids love dancing and when the confetti canons go off they love catching and picking up the little Mickey's. This runs twice a day so check show times.

6. Toon Town: Lots of hands-on things down on the east end by the Rodger Rabbit ride. Also there is the boat next to Gagets go coaster that kids can explore

7. Playhouse Disney: Everyone sits on the floor but during the show kids can get up and dance around. Good fun for kids 6 and under.

8. Turtle Talk with Crush: Kids sit on the floor and Crush asks them questions. Very entertaining for kids and parents.

9. Redwood Creek Challenge Trail: Lots to do and explore in this playground across from Bear Rapids in California Adventure

10. S.S. Rustworthy: There are enough Water cannons, Bell-ringing, Lever-pulling and Wheel-turning activities to ensure that your child has a fun time.