Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Disneyland Annual Pass + One Magic Morning

Steps for Converting a Disneyland Ticket into an Annual Pass

If you want to buy a So. California annual pass that has block out dates follow these steps to get extra weekend days and one "Magic Morning" early entrance before you get the So. California pass that has blocked out weekends.

1. First buy your 5 or 3 day hopper pass and use it on days at the beginning that are block out days, Saturday and Sundays. Look for Hopper passes that come with "one magic morning" entrance included. You can then convert your Disneyland ticket or park hopper pass to an annual pass by trading up, meaning your annual pass has to cost more than your ticket. Not difficult.

2. For 3 and 5 day hopper passes you have 13 days after your first visit to use all days and convert your Hopper pass or ticket to an annual pass. You must do this on the last day you use your ticket and before it expires. This means if you first used your ticket on June 1st then it expires on June 14th. (13 days after first visit includes the first day and adds 13 more days = 14 days)

3. If your hopper pass cost $184.00 on the last day of use you can apply the full price towards an annual pass, but your annual pass will expire from the day you first purchased your hopper ticket. The annual pass must cost more. Currently for So. Cal residents it's $219 for 215 days of entrance to both theme parks. Make sure you get to the ticket booth before the park closes. Ticket booths close at the same time the park closes.

This is just one of our Disneyland annual pass secrets to get in one extra weekend day when you get a limited Southern California pass. This is a helpful tip if family members are visiting and want to go on a weekend, but you want to buy an annual pass, or if you want to go on a holiday like July 4th, before you buy and annual pass. You can also get the monthly payment plan with a down payment where you just use your ticket for the down payment.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Disneyland Photo Album

Disneyland Photos

Here is a Disneyland slide show with some of our favorite pictures of Disneyland. Click the following link to see a slide show of San Diego California Vacation ideas.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Disney's World of Color Photo Album

Update - September 2009
We went to California Adventure yesterday. Some of the rides and restaurants were closed down or missing. While construction is still underway most of the rides are open. Remember that during the winter hours California adventure is only open from 10 a.m-6 p.m. week days so if you want to go on any rides get there when it opens. The new 12 acre "Cars Land" has broken ground where the the last bit of parking lot use to be on the south east corner by the entrance, but it won't be completed until 2012.

Update - May 2009

Here you can see that the ferris wheel has been updated with Micky. The cars have also been painted and it is opperational again. The lake in the fore ground is undergoing a transformation to add the fountains and special effects for the new show.

The next picture shows the construction screen
announcing "Disney's World of Color" coming in 2010. This reminds me of the Dancing Water's show they had over at the Disneyland Hotel back in the 80's only should be 1000 times greater.

One last shot of the construction showing the layers. In the fore ground you can see a little robot like vehicle used for construction, I thought that was cool. I wonder how this will all come together. It looks like they are spending a 100 million dollars to build this. But actually its 1 Billion, with a b.

What's missing from this picture, besides the water in the lake? The cars on the Ferris wheel. Taken in March 2009 this picture show how California Adventure is under construction to prepare for "Disney's World of Color" coming in 2010. Like Fantasmic for California Adventure this nighttime show will feature dancing water, lights and popular Disney characters.

The sign next to this display reads.
"The year 2010 will mark the debut of Disney's World of Color, an innovative nighttime spectacular presented on Paradise Bay. This thrilling production will lead audiences on an imaginative journey filled with soaring music, dazzling color, magnificent fountains, exciting animation and stunning special effects."

Saturday, April 10, 2010

12 California Vacation Deals

San Diego ZooHere is a list of some of the best California Vacation Deals. This list is intended to help you plan your vacation on a budget this summer.

San Diego

1. San Diego Zoo Membership
When you sign up for a San Diego Zoo as an Diamond Member you get 4 free tickets. 2 - for the Zoo and 2 for the Wild Animal Park if you sign up as a Diamond member. They also have the option of Member Plus-one. This means that the primary member can get anyone in at one time. So 4 people can get in to each location (Zoo and Wild Animal Park) in for the price of one membership. Usually we pay $99 a year for a membership. If your going to the WAP a lot buy parking as it is not free like the Zoo.

2. Sea World Annual Pass
Right now in 2010 Sea World has a special where you can "pay for a day get a year free." This means that the second year annual pass is free with a ticket purchase this year. Sea World

3. Balboa Park Museums
Every Tuesday is Free day. The first Tuesday of every month is free day for some of the main museums and Science Center. Just Google "balboa park free tuesday" and you will see the calendar. Residents of San Diego must show ID to get in on these days. This is still a great bargain and Balboa Park is a fun place to take photos. Take a walk along El Prado on a sunny day and you will see lots of places to take pictures.

4. Beach and Embarcadero
If all you do is go to La Jolla shore and then walk along the Embarcadero at sunset you will have a great day. The Embarcadero has some great sea food restaurants and leads into the Gas Lamp district. You can also visit Sea Port Village for some treats and shopping.

Los Angeles

1. The Getty Center
The Getty has amazing views and gardens. Not to be confused with the Getty Villa which is the world class museum in Malibu. The Getty Center is up on the hill with 180 degree panorama of Los Angeles. Of all the places in L.A. this is a place you must visit to get the best of what L.A has to offer. The museum is free but park costs a fee. Some times they have free parking after 5 p.m.

2. California Science Center
Kids love this place and best of all admission to Science Center permanent galleries is free. Admission prices for the IMAX Theater are based on age group. It does cost to park so check our their website at

3. Griffith Park
If your going to visit L.A. you must visit Griffith Park. This is one of the iconic attractions in Los Angeles and admission is free. Griffith Park Observatory

4. Tide Pools
The best part about going to the beach with kids is visiting the tide pools. In L.A one of the best spots is the tide pools on the Palos Verdes pininsula. Google "Abalone Cove Shoreline Park" for directions.

Orange County

1. Beaches and Piers
There are lots of beaches in OC but some of the best ones are towards the southern part of Orange County. Dana Point, Crystal Cove State Park and Crescent Bay are some of the quietest beaches with clear water. Walking along the pier at sunset is very romantic. Beaches with Piers are Seal Beach, Huntington, Newport Beach and Laguna Beach. Here is a map of Orange County Beaches.

2. The Great OC Park
Visitors to Orange County may not know about Orange County Great Park. Formerly El Toro Marine Base the decommissioned base was turned into an open space with art and attractions. You can get more info here: Orange County Great Park

3. Sawdust Art Festival
If you like strolling through art exhibits then the Laguna Beach Sawdust Art Festival is a great way to spend a summer day. Associated with the Summer festival is the Winter Fantasy. Tickets are required both but are inexpensive.

4. Window Shopping
Visiting Orange County is not complete with out a shopping trip. Not for those on a budget but its fun to walk around and window shop and get a bit to eat in the food court. Besides the best movie theaters are at the shopping malls. You can view our map of O.C. Shopping malls but to help you make the decision easy just visit Fashion Island or Irvine Spectrum.

Please let us know if you have any more great ideas.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

California Vacation Spots

Here is our California map with our favorite vacation and travel destinations. Having lived in California for over 40 years we know the details of where to go for a weekend get away. Follow our vacation plans and your bound to have a great holiday.