Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Disneyland Annual Pass + One Magic Morning

Steps for Converting a Disneyland Ticket into an Annual Pass

If you want to buy a So. California annual pass that has block out dates follow these steps to get extra weekend days and one "Magic Morning" early entrance before you get the So. California pass that has blocked out weekends.

1. First buy your 5 or 3 day hopper pass and use it on days at the beginning that are block out days, Saturday and Sundays. Look for Hopper passes that come with "one magic morning" entrance included. You can then convert your Disneyland ticket or park hopper pass to an annual pass by trading up, meaning your annual pass has to cost more than your ticket. Not difficult.

2. For 3 and 5 day hopper passes you have 13 days after your first visit to use all days and convert your Hopper pass or ticket to an annual pass. You must do this on the last day you use your ticket and before it expires. This means if you first used your ticket on June 1st then it expires on June 14th. (13 days after first visit includes the first day and adds 13 more days = 14 days)

3. If your hopper pass cost $184.00 on the last day of use you can apply the full price towards an annual pass, but your annual pass will expire from the day you first purchased your hopper ticket. The annual pass must cost more. Currently for So. Cal residents it's $219 for 215 days of entrance to both theme parks. Make sure you get to the ticket booth before the park closes. Ticket booths close at the same time the park closes.

This is just one of our Disneyland annual pass secrets to get in one extra weekend day when you get a limited Southern California pass. This is a helpful tip if family members are visiting and want to go on a weekend, but you want to buy an annual pass, or if you want to go on a holiday like July 4th, before you buy and annual pass. You can also get the monthly payment plan with a down payment where you just use your ticket for the down payment.